Witches Heart Halter
Witches Heart Halter
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Witches Heart Halter

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Made of  material with our unique magic print which present items such as: ouija planchette, raven's skull, cat,
potions, sharp objects, magic talismans, witch hat, chalice, hearts with quotes: "Creep it real" 
and "I put a spell on you", magic mushrooms, pentagrams, crystals, crescents, bats and many more.

Dress is fitted at the waist and spread at the belly and hips. 
It gives hourglass shape to the figure and covers any imperfections. 
Fastened on front with black shiny buttons and haltered on back of the neck.
On the back there is very stretchy elastic for better fit. 
Dress would be perfect for pin up girls and gothic style enthusiasts.

All the measurements in size chart are without stretching the elastic on the back.
After maximum stretching it would have + 5 cm more.