The Red Flapper
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The Red Flapper

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Smoke and laughter on the air, clinking glasses of crystalline gin and amber bourbon, labyrinthine halls of beaded curtains. In a place like that, black attire was expected among the flappers and bootleggers. But Iris stepped out with a brick red kitten heel shoe, the same style as her khol-eyed peers but with traditional broguing near the toe and crisscross straps. Her white dress—draped with red tassels—cut through the haze of the main room. Each step across the stone floor quieted those around her as she made her way through the maze of prohibited merriment. Finally she found her ex-husband, his hand reaching toward a red curtain. A pungent waft of Tabac Blond assaulted Iris’ senses, but she remained unfazed. 

“Do I need to remind you what happened last time you tried to creep on my girls?”

3" (7.6cm) Kitten Heel Round Toe Criss-Cross Mary Jane Pump