The Calaveras Cardigan
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The Calaveras Cardigan

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You watch Abuelita sculpt the calaveras in preparation for tomorrow. The skull takes shape within your elder’s beautifully weathered hands. She pauses only to turn on the radio, the chatter of Spanish humming lightly in the background.

You nervously pick at the edges of your button-up cardigan sleeve. Its stretchy, black knit fabric warms you against the chill when you realize you don’t remember as much Spanish as you thought you did. You only understand half the broadcast.

Abuelita presses brilliant confectionery flowers onto the top of the sugar skull. You notice they match your shining pink buttons. She takes blue strips of candy and lines the sweet sculpture’s eye sockets. As her hands work, you realize Abuelita has been copying the embroidered sugar skull designs on your cardigan.

Once completed, she gingerly sets the offering before you, winks, and begins work on another calavera.


  • Black knit cardigan.
  • Soft to touch fabric.
  • Embroideries on the front of the cardigan featuring a sugarskull and flowers.
  • Pink plastic 'glass look' buttons to fasten.
  • The back is plain.
  • Knitted rib on the hem of the bodice and sleeves.
  • Fabric content: 80% Rayon, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex.