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Subculture Classic T-Shirt

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Few things bring Lauren more joy than watching her boyfriend play his acoustic guitar. She hovers in the doorway that separates their kitchen from the living room, eyeing Danny as he perches on the edge of the couch. His long, curly locks are pulled into a messy bun, out of the way of his line of sight... not that he needs to see. Years of practice made it so that only casual glances at the fretboard are necessary as his hand moves along the neck of the ancient-looking instrument. It hums a series of simple chords in a complicated refrain.

She watches as the black fabric of his Subculture t-shirt pulls taut while he plays, giving definition to the muscles underneath. Lauren’s eyes trail downward to take in his slender hips and long legs—angled to better hold the guitar in place—before flitting back to his nimble fingers. They pick and pluck and stroke and beat the strings in perfect time to a familiar melody. It’s her song, the one he’d written for her when they first started dating; the one that reminds her of spring raindrops on plump, green leaves.

Danny hums wordlessly as her gaze travels back up along his body to meet his. He gives her a knowing grin, and she feels herself flush pink from the tips of her ears to her toes. They’ve been together far too long for her to be this bashful, but she can’t help herself. She’s a fool in love with a musician in a classic t-shirt and blue jeans, and she doesn’t mind one bit.