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Raven Red Shoes

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Sally shuffled through the crowd, careful not to scuff her vintage heels. She was glad she’d chosen something stable, what with its crisscross ankle straps and thick heel. Her date had wandered off and she couldn’t find him among the retro-styled circus goers, although his boring black shirt and jeans should have made him stand out.

Frustrated, Sally made her way to a storage crate away from other people and sat. The rounded toe of her rust-red shoes tapped impatiently as she checked her phone--he hadn’t replied to her texts.
A small pixie of a girl with rainbow hair and glitter around her eyes had emerged from a tent. A brown Boston Terrier stood at her side, at least until it saw Sally. Then it bounded toward her, licking at her retro shoes in a frenzy.

For a moment the circus girl looked embarrassed by her dog’s behavior, at least until she saw Sally’s reaction.

“Hey, you’re the best date I’ve had in a while,” she laughed, scratching the pup vigorously behind the ears. 

2 3/8 Inch Heel