Rat Skull Necklace
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Rat Skull Necklace

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This is what she knew: it was a real rat skull necklace, yet the animal skull had been set with the care and refined dignity of a Victorian-style cameo. The old man wore it without puffing out his chest to show it off and without hiding it under his coat. He simply let it play a part of his dark-yet-voguish ensemble as he mingled with circus visitors. 

At this distance, she discerned that the black wax-cord necklace had seen its share of years and had weathered them elegantly. Even in the shadows of passing clouds, a lustrous resin glinted in along the ridge of the rat skull’s empty sockets. Just then, the old man turned toward the girl and gestured for her to come closer.

A hand-made necklace featuring a real rat skull covered in resin for superior sturdiness. Our artists take meticulous care when affixing the skull in order to ensure long wear-ability. The necklace also features a 24" adjustable black, wax cord - wear long or as a choker.
*Please note that the rat skulls are ethically sourced and cruelty-free!