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Neomi Steampunk Brocade & Leather Corset Top

$139.99 USD
Please accept the pre-order terms and conditions: I acknowledge all pre-order items are not currently in stock and can take up to 6-8 weeks to be received.

Please keep in mind these items are not currently in stock or ready to ship. All items are hand crafted and can take up to, but not limited to, 6-8 weeks to create.

Best for Height : 5'.2" And Above

Bone Casing : All bones are placed under cotton bone casing

Boning : 10 Spiral Steel Bones & 2 Flat Steel Bones

Dimensions : Center Front - 12.5" / Back - 9.5" / Side - 11.25"

Fabrics : Shell Fabric  Brocade / Lining-100% Cotton

Opening : Back Lacing

Please Note : The colour of items may vary in images due to lighting