Maria Violet and Grey Roses Dress
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Maria Violet and Grey Roses Dress

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She’d grown up on fairy tales like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. She’d heard all about jealous queens and step-mothers who got their comeuppance for daring to tread on the toes of their younger, prettier charges. But tonight, Gina couldn’t help but feel empathy for those fabled women who’d gambled with their lives and lost it all to a younger model.

She sat in the driver’s seat of a borrowed Ford and nervously patted away the wrinkles in her vintage swing dress. It was one Gina’d bought when she and Donnie first started dating. It had that 50s style flare that she loved, and the cut of the dress emphasized her plus-sized bust and hips. Back then, she’d thought the dark background imprinted with purplish roses seemed romantic. Tonight, the flowers seemed more like fresh bruises.

Outside the car, a warehouse door opened and her husband—Donnie—emerged with a stunning blond. Gina watched as they embraced and kissed, and felt bile rise in the back of her throat. She’d loved Donnie with all her heart, and this is how he repaid her tireless devotion?

She didn’t remember putting the car in drive. She didn’t remember punching the gas. She didn’t remember running Donnie and his floozy down in cold blood. No, all she could recall were the roses on her retro-fit dress, and how they seemed brighter and redder than ever before.

97% Cotton / 3% Elastine