Magnolia Garden Wrap Dress
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Magnolia Garden Wrap Dress

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 Myra held her breath as she ducked around another corner of the hedge maze. It was dark amongst the greenery now that the sun had set and left behind a moonless night sky, and she was grateful for it. Even the slightest hint of light would give her away. She exhaled slowly, silently, through her opened mouth and paused to discard her shoes. Myra briefly thought about stripping off her plus-sized, vintage swing dress to eliminate its delicate rustling, but modesty won out; it wouldn’t do to be discovered in her lingerie like some sort of pinup model.

“It wouldn’t do to be discovered at all,” she thought desperately as she toed through the grass, her tread much quieter without the hard, rubber soles of her kitten heels. Myra hadn’t planned on having to flee a mob of enraged cultists, otherwise she would’ve dressed more appropriately. She certainly wouldn’t have worn a retro-looking floral dress and sexy shoes… there was just no room for 50s-style flare in espionage these days. Myra might’ve lamented that fact, if she hadn’t heard the tell-tale stomp of her pursuers closing in on her.

97% Cotton / 3% Elastane