Lone Pink and Cream Shoe
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Lone Pink and Cream Shoe

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Lorelei Lone ran toward the counter to swipe a cookie. The click-clack of her pink and cream t-strap shoes announced her intended thievery of the small baked good.

Her older sister Lucinda did not look away from the counter where she prepared their dinner, but she shot out a hand and (gently) grabbed Lorelei by the collar of her dress. The younger sister froze and lowered her head, caught.

“I’m happy you like my cookies,” Lucinda began quietly. “But I won’t have you spoiling your dinner.”.

Lorelei kept her head down. The vintage broguing of her shoes matched that of Lucinda’s, as did the patent leather marking the pointed toes.

“Alright,” Lorelei sighed, shaking off her sister’s grasp. “But don’t eat my share like you did last week.”

Lucinda kept her face stern. “No promises,” she said with a wink.

1 3/4 Inch Heel