Lacey Vintage Mint Shoe
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Lacey Vintage Mint Shoe

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Lacey’s heels tapped happily on the linoleum flooring as she flounced around the kitchen. As she went from cabinet to cabinet, she quickly gathered all the ingredients she would need for this year’s batch of holiday fudge. The chosen flavor? Mint chocolate! The idea came to her as she picked out clothes to wear to work and settled on a pale-green sweater and cream-colored skirt combo. Lacey had the perfect pair of t-strap vintage heels to match, the color of which reminded her of mint.

She hummed happily as she combined the ingredients in a large bowl, careful not to make a mess or get any chocolatey goop on her faux leather shoes. She was worried that something this dark would stain the light, synthetic material, and didn’t want to waste a pair of excellent shoes just for some sweet treat. With that in mind, she knelt down to unbuckle the side closures and slipped her bare feet out of each peep-toed shoe and placed them across the room, out of harm’s way.


Proud To Be 100% Vegan Friendly

Upper Material: Faux Smooth Leather

Lining: Man Made + Fabric Platform

Height: 1/2" Inches

Heel Height: 4" Inches

Side Buckle Closure

Fits True To Size