Green Rose Collar Cardigan
Green Rose Collar Cardigan
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Hell Bunny

Green Rose Collar Cardigan

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There’s nothing quite as sweet as the purr of a loving, feline friend. If that feline friend happens to have been dead for a few years, what difference would that make? Honor your favorite kitty, long gone, living, or living dead, with this stretch-knit, button-up cardigan. Spider web stitching, rose patches, and decorated cat skull patches are all beautifully applied for an extra touch of spooky. The glint of the domed, bright blue buttons might be reminiscent of your favorite feline’s eyes glowing at just the right angle in the dark.

Green Rose Collared Cardigan
Her corner of the office was cold, but not as cold as the awkwardness Cynthia felt looking over her cubicle wall. She closed her button-up cardigan, rolled up the black, ribbed sleeves, and crossed her arms.

Her work was done for the day. Cynthia contemplated getting ahead on next week’s work. She tried not to look at the back of Matthew Henderson’s head the next row of cubicles over. She failed, reassuring herself she wore the green cardigan for herself and not for him—it was only a coincidence it happened to be his favorite color.

Cynthia picked up a pen. The embroidered roses on her cardigan were what had prompted her to buy it, she lied to herself as she sketched out their lines from memory. She ignored the sound of footsteps as her sketch continued into a full bloom of petals.

“I didn’t know you could draw.”

She looked up, startled. Matthew stood above her, a file in hand, looking curiously at her illustration with a smile tucked in the corner of his mouth. Instead of cold awkwardness, she finally felt warmth.