Everline Red Flat
Everline Red Flat
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Everline Red Flat

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Rosa tapped the toe of her vintage red ballet flat against the floor as she edited the last chapter of her novel. Her pen was the same color of her shoes, and its ink cluttered up the margins.

She’d cobbled together a half-hearted ending, but she knew the resolution wasn’t right for the intense supernatural thriller she’d spent two years writing. Her pen found its way to the paper again and began doodling, mimicking the little cutout pattern above the toes of her shoes. The small t-strap and gold buckle began to appear as she continued her drawing and working out the kinks in the plot twist.

Rosa sighed and began flipping through her other notes. On the 10th page, a note caught her eye.

“What did the demon do with Becca’s red shoes?”

The author looked at her choice of footwear and smirked. But then it hit her—the key to everything was in the shoes. She had completely forgotten. Rosa flipped the back of the manuscript over and immediately began scribbling notes for the new ending, her toe tapping more fervently than ever.

Napa Faux Leather Lining: Manmade + Fabric Proud To Be 100% Vegan Friendly Step In Front Buckle Detail Heel: 3/8" Fits True To Size