Eclaire Pewter Flat | Women's Pinup Shoes
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Eclaire Pewter Flat | Women's Pinup Shoes

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When the elusive Dr. Sands finally returned Reagan’s calls for an interview, she threw on the first clothing items she could find and high-tailed it to his office in downtown Seattle. It wasn’t the most glamorous or professional outfit, she thought as she checked her reflection in the sunlit window by the receptionist’s desk. Just a dark grey sweater, black skinny jeans, and her trusty pewter-colored loafers. The former pieces were plain and staid, but the shoes glimmered in the light from the sun thanks to the silvery threads woven into the exterior fabric. They were flat, practical, and dressy enough for investigative journalism. Besides, the good doctor probably wouldn’t even notice the shoes. Men never did.

“Cute shoes!” The receptionist cooed as she re-entered the office and caught sight of Reagan by the window. “I’m dying for a pair of new flats. Mine got into a fight with a puddle last week and came out worse for wear.”

Reagan resisted the urge to grin knowingly as the receptionist lead her into Dr. Sands’ office and quietly closed the door behind her.

Proud To Be 100% Vegan Friendly. Upper Material: Man Made Lining: Man Made + Fabric Step In Style Fit: True To Size. If You Take A Wider Width, Please Size Up 1/2 For Comfortable Fit. Imported