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Double Boned Corset

$99.99 USD

Simplicity is as sophisticated as it is unappreciated. Out of all the configurations of steel bones and satin, this black waist trainer draws your eye with its classic shape. The iconic look works on many body types, but is ideal for those with a shorter torso and modest hips. 

Whether you want to accentuate your waist for all your formal events or are looking for a solid piece to slim your physique down over time, this black waist trainer is sure to stand up to the test. It also doubles as durable outerwear, perfect for costume pieces or dramatic looks for an extra-sexy night out or in. Available in sizes 18-48, the timeless look of the double-boned waist trainer doesn’t discriminate against petite or plus size fashionistas


The Short Cut style is also ideal for corset enthusiasts with hips that are more narrow than the waist line. This corset style is 11” from bust to bottom. 100% Cotton lining encases 12 flat steel bones over 12 panels. Use for waist training or simply just to show off what your momma gave you! This steel corset features sturdy cord back lacing. Available in corset size 18” to 40”


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