Danita Aqua Blue Wedge Shoes
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Danita Aqua Blue Wedge Shoes

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Tempest pirouettes, watching her reflection in a storefront window. The employees and customers inside stare. She merely waves and skips away, the bright aqua of her retro wedges flashing as she leaves. It may be drizzling on her one day off, but she’s determined to enjoy it.

The rain slicks across the leaf detailing of her shoe and down the peep toe, where water dapples her forest green-painted toenails. Even with all her splashing about, the vegan leather shoes remain undamaged, and their ankle straps and stable wedge heels keep her from losing her footing. 

When Tempest finally makes it to her favorite coffee shop, she throws her hair in a bun and shakes off the rain. She orders something to warm herself, then sips it slowly, watching the clouds roll by and tapping her toe to the coffee shop music.

3 Inch Heel