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Cult of Aset Pendant

$24.99 USD

The original, Greek name of the great, Egyptian and universal mother and kingship goddess, eventually to become known in the Old Kingdom as Isis-Hathor, the mother of both Horus and his four sons. The cult is represented by the original horned, translucent red solar disc of Hathor, later surmounted by the throne of Isis as the two deities were merged. Eventually, due to her daunting magical skills, Aset/Isis-Hathor became the most powerful deity in the whole of the Egyptian pantheon. 


A subtle and secret symbol of magical power and protection for the dead.


A small pewter sun disc pendant with translucent red enamel.



Approximate Dimensions:  Width 0.79" x Height 1.26" x Depth 0.28"

Chain: 18"

Materials: Fine English Pewter and Enamel