Concord Womans Platform Boot
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Concord Womans Platform Boot

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Battle of the Bands was next week, and Miku was on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear on stage. She needed something that would help her stand out from the backdrop, where she had a tendency to blend in due to her short height and slight body. She wanted to be as memorable as the performance her band intended to give. As she browsed outlet after outlet, she gradually pieced together an outfit that would do the trick; all she needed were the shoes.

Miku was about to give up on her search and settle for a boring pair of black flats when she spied a pair of platform boots in a shop window. She took in the shining, silver buckles that lined the front of the boots from knee to toe; the patent, vegan leather exterior that shown under the display lights; the tall, matte black soles. The boots signaled to her like a beacon: buy me. It took only a split second for her to make the decision to purchase the boots, and her Battle of the Bands outfit was complete.

Blk Vegan Leather

full inner side zipper