Children Of The Forest Black Maxi Dress
Children Of The Forest Black Maxi Dress
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Children Of The Forest Black Maxi Dress

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The witch wears an unassuming black maxi dress. Long sleeves and a high neckline keep the bite of the forest’s air at bay. The long skirt protects her ankles from underbrush. She weaves between the trees with only the moonlight to guide her. A smell on the breeze, ancient and rotting, signals that she’s not alone.

With the clearing in sight, she steels herself. Fog shifts. Her hands stretch the fabric of her dress. A pale figure on two spindly legs creeps out from the trees across the clearing, its eyes sightless and black, antlers reaching through the fog.

The witch takes one more breath before striding out toward her adversary. Her jaw clenches tight as she feels the moon charging the arcane symbols on her dress—sacred geometry, trees, and moths—glow on her fabric until her hands burn with power. The beast sneers and lunges. She throws up her hands, releasing the white-hot energy into the creature’s decomposing maw. 


95% Cotton, 5% Elastane