Casablanca Teal Bell Skirt
Casablanca Teal Bell Skirt
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Casablanca Teal Bell Skirt

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Brienne crossed and uncrossed her legs, nervous energy running through her veins while she waited for her interview to start. She smoothed her hands over the soft, teal fabric of her vintage bell skirt, along the stitched designs and through the pleats near the hemline. She was worried about wrinkling; Genevieve Russo, renowned fashion critic and Editor-in-Chief of Viva Couture! Magazine, could see wrinkles from 50 paces away, or so Brienne had heard. It wouldn’t do to disappoint Ms. Russo, especially when Brienne had worked so hard to score this interview. She wanted this job. She needed this job.

She stood when Genevieve appeared, and the older woman glanced over Brienne’s retro ensemble. From her neck bow and button-down blouse to her sensible t-strap kitten heels, Brienne looked the part of someone who reads, sleeps, and breathes Viva Couture! The look on Ms. Russo’s face bordered on approval, and that was a good sign.

  • Blue longline bell skirt
  • Pleated flare
  • A vintage classic!
  • Concealed zip fastening at the back

Style Advice: True to size fit

Fabric: 65% Polyester, 32% Viscose, 3% Elastane