Bat Velvet Mary Jane
Bat Velvet Mary Jane
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Bat Velvet Mary Jane

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The rounded, exaggerated toe of the Mary Jane creeper caught her eye first. Meredith grabbed the display shoe, feeling the soft velvet before picking it up. The alternative platform was far lighter than she anticipated, as though the decorative bat across the strap was helping her ferry it away from the shelf. A familiar squeak sounded as she ran her fingers over the vegan leather details. 

Meredith looked around. The shop girl was busy ringing out another customer. Meredith slowly unzipped her hoodie and peeked past the strap of her tank top. The little bat tattoo on her left shoulder blinked expectantly, chirping again.

“You like it, huh, buddy?”

The little bat nodded before settling back into its former position on her skin and growing still. Meredith smiled when she found her shoe size available in the stack of boxes.

1/4"(6cm) Platform Mary Jane Featuring Removable Embroidered Bat Cut-Out Detail On Vamp