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Bastet Oversized T-Shirt

$32.99 USD
Size (Clothes)

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of love, joy, dance, fertility, the guardian of the hearth.
She was also considered the goddess of cats - the sacred animals of ancient Egypt. A gothic T-shirt with her image can be recommended to fans of magic, mythology and esotericism. There is also a purple scarab on the T-shirt, also considered a sacred animal of Egypt.

The oversize T-shirt will be perfect for people who like to stand out, look for their own style, and include mystical and mysterious elements in their clothes.

The cat goddess in the colors of black, purple and gold is a pattern that will work well in dark, gothic, but also in the boho style, for example in combination with an airy skirt. The T-shirt can also be a gift for women who like cats and believe in their sixth sense and 9 lives.

The t-shirt is distinguished by high-quality workmanship, it was made of cotton (100%) pleasant to the touch. The pattern itself is resistant to abrasion, the t-shirt will serve you for many seasons, perfect for example as an element of a monochrome, capsule wardrobe.

Wash as described on the inside label!