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Balkan Triptych Icon Locket

$54.99 USD

A shrine for the purpose of private, alternative devotion; a spiritual gateway to the Netherworld and the realms of the undead.

Rather than Christian saints, the icon depicts scenes from the life of the infamous Vlad Dracul.

An antiqued pewter photo locket in the authentic form of an Orthodox icon. Crested by vampire bats, the hinged doors display etched brass panels showing contemporary scenes of Vlad The Impaler. When opened, a portrait of Vlad, flanked by a skeleton on each door is engraved inside the photo frame which is 22mm wide by 23mm high. The locket is fastened closed by a magnetic catch.

On a split trace chain, 21" overall plus a 1 ½" extender chain.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height 2.28" x Width 1.34" x Depth 0.31"


0.09 lbs


Fine English Pewter