Black Brooklyn Underbust Corset
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Black Brooklyn Underbust Corset

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The ladies of Victorian England waltz across your mind when you think of a real, steel-boned, waist-training corset. However, you live closer to 2020 New York than 1800s London. That’s why you rely on the Brooklyn waist trainer to mold your silhouette. Its sleek and contemporary lines borrow from the iconic, cinched waists of poised women fanning themselves in damasked parlors. You feel the high back reform your posture with upper-class elegance immediately upon lacing. Perfect for a body type with a long torso and wide hips, this waist trainer also features delicately curved rib cupping for an idealized appearance. The black, plus size corset option is also available—a graceful physique knows no dress size.

Exclusively made by Subculture Corsets and Company: an exquisite combination made between two of our most beloved shapes, the Versailles and the Salem underbust corsets. This shape offers 18 steel boned stays and a steel busk closure. Shell material is black satin and the lining is 100% cotton. Adjustable fit with soft lacing ropes down the back. Dry clean only