Ares Men's Boot
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Ares Men's Boot

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“Not like you to make a show of your work,” Ares said, using the reinforced toe of his combat boot to prod at the deceased demon’s face.

Dimi rolled her eyes at him from where she stood in the shadow of the apartment staircase. Her hands made quick work of cleaning her dagger of ichor. “Not like the god of war to show his face around lowly demon hunters...or dress like army recruit reject.”

Ares glowered at her. He slowly crushed his heel into the skull of the creature underfoot. Ichor splattered up the length of his boot’s calf, shining against the polished leather and mucking up the front laces.

“Who’s the one making a show of his work now?” Dimi asked, sheathing her dagger. She watched the god’s face twist, but raised a hand. “Yeah, this is why we broke up, babe. Now help me clean this up or leave.”