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Dancer Succubus Oversized T-Shirt

$32.99 USD
Size (Clothes)

Is she a witch or a nymph in a trance?
Or maybe a character from tarot cards, a magician straight from a fantasy novel?
You can interpret the pattern on the T-shirt in many different ways.

The gothic Goddess Dancer T-shirt with an oversize cut is the perfect choice for women who like to "smuggle" mystical, non-obvious elements into their clothes, and for those who are interested in magic.

Loose, made of high-quality cotton (100%), the T-shirt shows the motif of dance, fire, crescent.
A pattern in purple and red colors can perfectly break completely black, monochrome looks.

The gothic style T-shirt will suit those who like to stand out, look for a slightly dark, original style, but also those who want to discover a more magical side of their femininity.

This women's t-shirt is the perfect accessory in the wardrobe of a woman who is interested in ancient beliefs,
the phases of the moon.
It can be easily combined with a leather biker jacket and heavy boots like a pair of our Demonias!

Wash as described on the inside label!