Kerrybrooke Green Jumpsuit
Kerrybrooke Green Jumpsuit
Kerrybrooke Green Jumpsuit
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Kerrybrooke Green Jumpsuit

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"I'm in position." Her earpiece beeps in acknowledgment as Laney steps into the line for the coffee vendor and waits to place her order, her eyes silently scanning the crowd as she waits for the target to appear. It isn’t until after she’s paid for a bagel with schmear and a small, black coffee that she spots him walking up to the vendor's cart. He smiles at her in recognition.

Panic sets in as she pretends to take a sip of her drink, obscuring her mouth while she whispers an update into her earpiece. “Alert, I'm compromised.”

“Do not engage.” It beeps again. “Abort mission.”

Laney starts off across the park—in the direction Main Street—and doesn’t see the man approaching her. They collide; the resultant crash pops the lid off her paper coffee cup and sends its contents all over her evergreen jumpsuit. Her cape sleeves seem to fly away from the burning liquid, which soaks through the pleated, sweetheart neckline and scalds her chest and stomach. The flared material of her pants catches droplets as they fall, sparing her feet from a stinging attack.

She sucks in a deep breath, trying to calm herself rather than cry out in pain, when Laney looks up and catches the knowing smile of the man who bumped into her.

  • Green flared leg jumpsuit
  • Cape Sleeve with ribbon tie at the back
  • Bust pleating detail
  • Side pockets with decorative button details
  • Concealed zip fastening at the back

Style advice: True to size fit

Fabric: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane