Hepburn Wide Leg Gray Trousers
Hepburn Wide Leg Gray Trousers
Hepburn Wide Leg Gray Trousers
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Voodoo Vixen

Hepburn Wide Leg Gray Trousers

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Tuesdays are chemotherapy days. It’s a weird fact that Jean shouldn’t know, but does, and that’s why she makes sure that her brightest and most beautiful flowers are available by the time Spencer comes loping into the shop. In fact, she thinks as she eyes the clock over the door, he should be here any minute.

Jean bounces around like a ball of nervous energy, her wide pants legs swaying gently with every step. The deep gray of her trousers pairs well with the dark, floral print on her top where crimson buds and evergreen leaves stand out against the cloth suspenders buttoned into place along her waistline. It’s an attractive and stylish look, but one that doesn’t distract from the vibrant bouquets on display.

Because it’s not really about her. It’s about Spencer’s mother and the flowers her sweet, thoughtful son buys for her on chemotherapy days. He just wants to brighten up her day, he says when he stops by and chooses the brilliant, yellow sunflowers in the lilac watering can. It takes all her willpower for Jean to resist telling Spencer how much he brightens up her day.

  • Grey trousers
  • Super flared (work it girl)
  • Removable suspenders included
  • Large pleats, front and back
  • Buttoning details at the waist

Style Advice: Super flared and true to size fit

Fabric: 65% Polyester, 32% Rayon, 3% Elastane