Quilted Spiders in Red Handbag
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Quilted Spiders in Red Handbag

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She honored tradition of dressing up in black, white, red, and spiders on her grandmother’s death this year, of course. As the next black widow in the family, it was not only her duty but her pleasure. This time, she didn’t hide her heritage as she had in the past. The previous day she’d bought a quilted handbag of red glitter material. A small, pewter-colored spider nestled each nexus of the stitches, turning the quilted pattern into a geometric web of shimmering arachnids. The alternative handbag was wide and had a sturdy, flat base—these were vital features her grandmother had taught her to consider. What good was a lady’s bag if it couldn’t carry the implements of her unfortunate husband’s destruction?

Quilted deep cherry red with small spiders climbing along the sides.