Cruxshadows Astromythology Album
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Cruxshadows Astromythology Album

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Astromythology - the boys and girls in black return with their new album after five years. The latest album by The Crüxshadows is an epic journey that blurs time, space and emotions in a complex web of science, science fiction and the supernatural. Each song represents a planetary body within our solar system. Together, they tell a story of isolation, sorrow, forgiveness, and the will to survive, all from the perspective of a hopeless astronaut lost in space. Supported by the successful producer Henning Verlage, the visionary artist and frontman Rogue has re-created a world of post-punk, gothic, new wave & symphonic influences that is both moving and convincing. With the first single "Helios", Already # 1 of the DAC in Europe and # 11 on the Billboard charts in North America, the new concept album is a must-have, packed with future classics. From emotional ballads to dance hits - Astromythology happens when sound and imagination come together.

1 Helios 
2 Singularities
3 Stay
4 Home
5 Infinity (You Don't See Me)
6 Stargazer
7 Of Angels
8 My Telescope
9 Jupiter
10 Uncertainty (in Space & Time)
11 Starfall
12 In Gardens
13 Astronauts